SGI  works at the forefront of the US Aerospace and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Industry. Working with public and private sector partners in the USA, Israel and the UK , SGI has been responsible for multi-year strategic development of the industry in Ohio, including work in related technology sectors such as advanced materials, propulsion and navigation systems, sensors and much else besides .

SGI has also been engaged in work in support of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter project , which provides thousands of jobs and has resulted in significant aerospace technology developments and the continuing development and deployment of the F35 

Our work in the Aerospace Industry includes identification of new technologies, aerospace based trade missions and conferences and much else besides. It has led to developments such as the Ohio UAS Conference , as well as a series of international aerospace conferences looking at the European and Canadian Aerospace markets, with speakers from the US Department of Commerce, the British Government, the Aerospace Industry and many others.