In 2008, SGI began a multi year project with Dayton, Ohio, to develop and implement a project to grow the region's Unmanned Aerial Systems industry cluster. Partners included Montgomery County, Dayton Development Coalition, the  City of Dayton and the US Air Force  Research Laboratory, based at Wright Patterson Airforce Base's Air Force, in Dayton. Technologies included Sensors, Advanced Materials, Propulsion systems, Navigation systems and others.


As a result of the strategies deveoped and implemented by SGI , in the wake of a number of overseas  trade missions,  :

- Dayton was designated the Ohio Aerospace Hub by Governor Ted Strickland, attracting development funding from the State of Ohio

- Sinclair Community College inaugurated one of the world's first UAS Training & Certification programs for UAV piloting and operations

- The Ohio UAS Conference, an annual event, continues to  attract national and international business and organizations engaged in the global UAV industry

- Continuing technology exchanges produce developments which drive the growth of the industry in the Dayton Region

In 2014 SGI's work with Dayton expanded to include Cincinnati and the Southwest Ohio Aerospace Region ( SOAR) . As a result of new SGI led initiatives , the region began to look to the Brazilian Aerospace market, home to Embraer  and a large group of Tier 1, 2 and 3 aerospace manufacturers. A group of SGI organized trade missions led to visits to Ohio by Embraer, as well as visits by SOAR to Brazil in 2016. Together the work has resulted in the development of  new aerospace supply relationships for SOAR and the Brazilian Aerospace Industry,

In 2017, a mission of Brazilian Aerospace companies visited Ohio

In 2006, in response to expressions of interest from the State of Israel and in view of the growing biotechnology industry in the State of Ohio, SGI undertook a number of ongoing initiatives to develop awareness and relationships between Israel and various institutions and organizations in Ohio.


As a result of the initiatives developed and implemented by SGI :

-In 2019, Cities in Ohio are frequent exhibitors and attendees at Biotech events and conferences in countries around the world including Israel, Germany, the USA and many others

- Ohio has executed a Memorandum of Understanding for technology co-development between the State of Ohio and the Office of the Chief Scientist for the State of Israel

-The City of Alron, Ohio, became the first US city to take an equity position in an overseas biotechnology incubator

- A number of Israeli companies have established North American operations in Ohio

- Various Medical Institutions in Ohio have engaged with Israeli biotech companies  in technology testing and clinical trials 

- BioOhio, the Ohio state biotech organization which was first introduced to Israel's biotech industry by SGI, has entered an agreement with BioJerusalem


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In 2011, SGI began a multi year project to develop and implement a Global Water Technology Center in Akron, Ohio. Partners include the City of Akron, the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce, the Akron Gloobal Business Accelerator and the University of Akron and others
As a result of  the strategies developed and implemented by SGI :
-Akron has formed the Akron Global Water Alliance, an alliance of municipal partners and Water Departments, Water Technology companies and other organizations
-Akron became the only US city to exhibit at the world's largest Water Technology tradeshow, Aquatech, in Amsterdam in 2013
- Akron entered into technology development agreements with the National Water Authority for the State of Israel , one of the world's leaders in Water Technology
- Akron has developed and implemented a unique system designed for small and mid-sized cities to monitor and deal with all aspects of municipal water system infrastructure in cooperation with the Israeli city of Netanya
-  Akron has become nationally known in the United States as a leading municipal center for the testing of water technologies in conjunction with some of the world's leading water companies and organizations, including Veolia and Arcadis
- Akron is developing Water Technology testing and exchange agreements with the Netherlands and Denmark
In 2014 , SGI  planned and organized a major event in conjunction with the City of Akron and the University of Akron to inaugurate the Akron Global Water Alliance (AGWA), the Global Water Technology Cluster that had been developed by SGI over the preceding 3 years . The event was attended by the world's leading Water Engineering firms , delegations from Israel and the Netherlands of Water Technology Companies, Water Technology Centers and Government Representatives, as well as the US and Ohio EPA. 
AGWA has now been officially designated by the US EPA as a US National Water Cluster.
Each year since 2014, SGI has organized annual conferences for AGWA in Akron on Water issues, such as Harmful Algal Blooms, Toxins, Water Treatment technologies and much else besides. Attended by internationally renowned Water organizations from countries such as the Netherlands, Canada and other countries, attracting speakers from countries such as China, Israel, Italy and the UK, as well as organizations like the EPA, USGS, NASA and many others, the conference has emerged as a respected venue for science, innovation and technology solutions among Water professionals from all over the world.
SGI has led the implementation in AGWA of pilot testing of new technologies within the Akron Municipal Water system. This provides a unique resource to overseas companies looking to enter the US market, by providing professional testing and validation of solutions to water treatment problems.
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