Public Sector Services

SGI provides services to the Public Sector in the following areas: 
 » Strategic Planning 
 » Policy development
 » Guidance in application of resources 
 » Economic development initiative planning
 » Implementation and execution of plans and initiatives
 » Industry Cluster development
 » Reporting as needed to responsible organizations
 » Trade Missions
 »  Conferences
 » Trade Shows

Private Sector Services


SGI provides services to the Private Sector in the following areas: 
» Government Relations
» Location Support
» Joint Venture Partner identification
» Academic & Institutional Relatons
» Financial support services
» Technology matchmaking
» Trade Missions
» Conferences
» Trade Shows
The primary focus of these services is international, but we do provide assistance and support to US companies, organizations and Government entities as a regular part of our operations.
What does this mean? 
For the Public Sector, it means that we will help you to identify International Economic Development  and Business initiatives. It means that we will assist you with identification of overseas business opportunities and potential foreign investments in your region through trade missions, technology transfer, export promotion, foreign company co-location, strategic planning for overseas development and a range of other services.
Most importantly we will work with you to implement the plan and see it through to fulfillment.
For the Private Sector, it means we will help you with your business objectives . It means we will guide and support you with the issues that face your company . It means that we will develop strategies and introduce new connections and resources to you to take your business to the next stage in its development

Our long term objective is always to provide our clients with a legacy from which they will continue to reap rewards and derive benefits long after the project has been completed.
For insight on our work in specific industries and areas , please see the pages in this section by clicking on the Services tab above and selecting from the dropdown menu that appears.